Company Profile

AISCO established since 2010 in Penang to serve our valuable customers. Aisco Industrial Supply is provides product/services related to Industrial Safety Equipment, Marine Safety Equipment, Protective Clothing, Protective Equipment and Water Sports Safety Equipment.

Our Products

We specialise in all type of industrial and Automotive Bearings and Power Transmission Products such as Belting,Machanical Seal & Oil Seal,Electric Motor, Water Pumps, Speed Reducer, Gears and Chains, Pulley,Ferrous & Non-Ferrous,Other Industrial Parts. We are the dealer and importer of various quality brand for local and oversea manufacturer.


We also carry the dealership of a number of well-known brands in the local market, such as Bando (Japan), Continental ContiTech (Germany), which is also a testimony of the confidence of these major worldwide suppliers in our branding, capability and reputation.

Oil Seals – Introduction

Oil Seals are used to prevent oil leakage from rotary shaft and housing clearance.It has flexible lip that rubs against an shaft or housing to prevent leakage or ingress of fluid and dirt.Seal selection is based on shaft diameter,housing bore diameter and width,shaft speed,working temperature,fluid,pressure differential and service conditions.


Rubber sealing element or lip material choices for oil seals include:Nitrile Rubber (NBR),Acrylic Rubber(ACM),Silicon Rubber (VMQ),Fluorocarbon Rubber(Viton/FKM),Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM),Tetrafluoroethylene Resin(PTFE).To resist wear,the compound durometer (hardness) is typically 70 to 85 shore A.

Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seasl shown in above is a simple light-duty design.The sealing interface where the seal rotating and stationary faces make rotational contact is a place annulus.The sealing faces themselves are lapped to a very high degree of flatness,measured in wavelengths sealing faces together in operation;in the absence of hydraulic pressure the spring serves the same purpose


The closing force on the seal is designed to provide an acceptable compromise between leakage and wear.It must also be sufficient to prevent the faces from separating in the event of machanical shock or a pressure flutuation.A secondary seal prevent leakage between the floating assembly and the shaft;often a rubbrt 'O' ring is used for this purpose.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

Aisco also supplying non-ferrous materials (Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium) and ferrous materials (Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Accessories and Safety & Protection Items.

Power Transmission

Power transmission is the movement of energy from its place of generation to a location where it is applied to performing useful work.Power transmission is usually associatd most with electic power transmission.It is usually performed with overhead lines as this is the most economical way to do so.Underground transmission by high voltage cables is used in crowded urban areas.